Specialist’s Profile: Requirements and Guidelines

Please, observe and take into consideration the special requirements and guidelines of our Review Team in regards to creating and editing your account. Following these guidelines and recommendations will make your experience of creating an account as easy and clear as possible. 

  1. It’s very essential that your profile has a photo as it helps to build your personal brand. We suggest uploading a nice-looking picture where you smile and your face can be clearly seen.
  2. Please make sure your bio information is relevant to your scope of expertise, experience, and services you provide.
  3. Generally, your professional profile on Grinfer should not include:
  • External links referring to your personal websites, emails, social media pages;
  • Advertisements or promotions of any kind.

Course Content: Requirements and Guidelines

Before uploading your course on Grinfer, please review our approval requirements and recommendations to make your course more appealing to learners. This will also let you go through the moderation process easily.

Please check the information listed in our Video Course Quality Checklist and make sure that you have followed the criteria before submitting your course for review.

1.Having high-quality content is the key to your success. Try to create a course in a way that provides learners with valuable educational content and useful info. Please note that any course should contain video lessons.

2. Before submitting your course for moderation, make sure that the content you provide matches your course description. Create a well-written description that promotes your course and makes it stand out in the marketplace. Your course description also needs to be authentic and establish a course goal clearly. Pay attention to the title and focus on major topics that students will learn. Give good reasoning on how learners will apply and use the skills acquired. In case you have any success stories about your course, share them in the description of the course. This is a good way to promote and boost sales. Please avoid external links referring to your personal websites, emails, and social media pages in your course description and the course content in general.

 If you’re going to provide 1-on-1 consultations on Grinfer, feel free to share this information with your students. 

3. We believe that courses with introduction videos are more attractive to learners. It should be a short video of 1-5 minutes long that gives potential learners a fast way to see what the course is about. Let people know what they’ll learn and what outcomes they’ll get, how you’ll guide them step-by-step to the desired results. It’s a quick deep dive that may affect a learner’s decision to enroll in the course.

4. To make the learning process more effective and convenient, we need to provide students with audio and video material of the highest quality available. Remember that the service decreases the quality of your video automatically whenever a user has limits for the connection speed. So, please record videos at a minimum resolution of 1920×1080; use 16:9 aspect ratio for videos and screencasts. The screencasts should not be blurry, the text on the videos should be distinctly visible.

From our experience, the courses that contain bad quality videos and don’t meet the requirements for HD resolution receive more requests for refunds and complaints from students. 

5. Please make sure that there are no logos and referrals to other online learning platforms shown on your videos or mentioned in the course content.

6. We recommend attaching useful downloadable attachments for learners, such as writing exercises, source codes, audio files, images, examples of work, etc. All these educational resources are greatly contributing to the learning process.

7. Please make sure that your course provides valuable educational content.

 *If for any reason your course doesn’t pass moderation, we’ll provide you with an explanation for anything that needs to be changed. You’ll receive a notification stating that your course has been declined with the explanatory comments from a moderator. Approved courses automatically become available on the marketplace. You will be able to view them in the Published Courses section in your Courses

Please, don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or reach us at for any additional questions or concerns. On Grinfer’s side, we’ll do everything to make your experience as easy and productive as possible.