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Explore popular topics yourself or contact our support.

Absolutely anyone can teach a course. We don’t require certificates, diplomas or teaching experience. If you’re a professional in any field and willing to share what you know, you’re welcome to create a course.

You can teach any skill or subject you feel confident in. Think of what you know or can do best. That can be anything — safe weight loss nutrition, promoting a personal brand, or oil painting. Courses focused on specific, hands-on skills tend to be the most popular.

A good tip is that a long course doesn’t mean a good one. People love bite-sized videos as it’s easier to follow. So no worries, if your course lasts about an hour.

Think of your skills and expertise. Deciding what you want to teach is the main step. Then come up with a structure of your course — write down specific questions you want to cover. Once you have the structure, it’s easier to know what exactly you’ll be teaching and saying.

Uploading my course

Once you’ve signed up and set up your profile, you can start creating a course. In your Profile, go to Courses for sale

courses for sale

and start your course draft. You can continually add and edit lessons in your draft course. When you’re ready to publish, just hit the Publish button.

Adding and editing lessons made intuitive. Should you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at or use a support chat and we’ll help you out.

Once you’re done with setting up your course general info such as title, description, image, price tiers, press a Next, create a new lesson button.

create lesson


After creating the first lesson, you can add more lessons in the Course lessons tab.

You can continually edit your course by uploading lessons or files. Head to a Courses for sale tab in your profile. Find the course you want to edit, press the 3-dot menu, then press Edit.

edit course

You can change the sequence of lessons. Choose a Course lessons tab where you’ll see all the lessons of the course. Each lesson has a  3-dot menu in the upper right corner where you need to press Move right or Move left.

move lesson

You can continually edit your lessons by uploading videos and files. Head to a Courses tab in your profile. Find the course you want to edit, press the 3-dot menu, press Edit.  Then choose a Courses lessons tab where you’ll see all the lessons of the course. Each lesson has a 3-dot menu in the upper right corner where you need to press Edit.

If you decide to delete a course, head to a Courses for sale tab in your profile. Find the course you want to delete, press the 3-dots menu, then press “Delete”. Deletion cannot be undone.

delete course

Keep in mind, after deletion your course will still be available to the students who have already purchased the course. Also, you lose all the reviews, ratings and students associated with that class — that may influence your overall instructor rating.

When you’re in the Course lessons tab where you’ll see all the lessons of the course, you’ll see that each lesson has a 3-dot menu in the upper right corner. Press the 3-dot menu, then press  Delete. Keep in mind, the action cannot be undone.

delete lesson

Once you’ve polished your course and feel ready to share it, push the Publish button. You cannot edit a course while it’s being moderated. You can see courses sent to moderation in the Courses in Review section.

Approved courses automatically become available on the marketplace, and you can see them in the Courses on the Marketplace section in your Courses for sale.

Courses for sale


Your course will be published once approved by moderators. Moderation may take up to 48 hours, but normally that happens faster.

If for any reason your course doesn’t pass moderation, we’ll explain why and specify things that need to be changed. You’ll get a notification that your course has been declined with comments from the moderator in the dialog window on the right-hand side.

Bulk Uploader is a great tool to make the uploading of your course easier. It saves you time and effort as you can upload multiple files at once. Stay concentrated on polishing your course instead of being distracted by manually uploading several files one by one.

Here you have 2 options: you can head to My files section and upload your files from your Hard Drive or Google Drive – see the screenshot above.

use the bulk uploader

Or you can use the bulk uploader during course creation directly: when setting cover image, intro video, or while creating lessons – anytime you need to upload a file. Just click the button shown on the screenshot below while creating your course.

upload welcome video


We support the following video formats: .WMV, MP4, .MOV or M4V. The maximum size of each file you’re about to upload is 2GB. You can also attach images and files in PDF, Word, Excel, and other formats. For these formats the maximum size is 500MB.

Absolutely no problem! You can leave the current page and, for example, go back to your lessons. The processing of your files will continue. As soon as the files are uploaded, we will notify you.



You can store up to 10GB in your files on Grinfer. If your storage space is running out, delete some files to free up some memory.

No, they will stay in the courses. You can delete files from the storage in order to free up some memory, but they will not be removed from your lessons and courses.

No. Your access to a course is not affected by the price you paid for it.

Earning money

First, you can sell courses to learners worldwide. Second, you can provide professional consultations. These 2 ways can be easily combined — you consult while your courses work for you.

When considering a price for your course, take into account how specific skills covered in the course are, how long it took you to create a course, and how affordable you want it to be.

You can receive your monthly payments straight to your bank account or via PayPal.

Grinfer works on a NET 40 bases where the starting day for the NET 40 payment is the last calendar day of the month. Payouts are made on the 10th of each month for the earnings made in the previous month. E.g. If you have earned 1000 USD in May, you will receive your money on the 10th of July.

You can also request a NET 15 “fast payout”. In case you choose a fast payout, Grinfer will charge an additional 10% of the total payout sum.

You get 96% of the price of your course when you bring your audience through a referral link generated on Grinfer. The 4% covers transaction fees.

For organic sales (users who find your course through a search on Grinfer) made through a marketplace, Grinfer offers a sliding fee based on the sales made within a calendar month. In other words, the more learners buy your courses, the more money you take home. General rules of calculating your % are shown in the spreadsheet below.


Earnings from courses % you get
$ 0 – 999,99 60%
$ 1000 – 4 999,99 65%
$ 5000 – 9 999,99 70%
$ 10,000 and more 75%

E.g. You made $7500 in May on selling courses on a marketplace. You get:

  • 60% out of the first $999,99: $999,99 x 60% = $599.99
  • 65% of the $1000-4 999,99 amount: $4000 x 65% = $2600
  • 70% out of everything you earned over $5000: $2500 x 70% = $1750

Your total revenue from courses sold on the marketplace in May = $4949,98

NOTE: Any following month starts with the % of revenue share that equals the previous month’s biggest percentage you achieved.

E.g. You ended May with the highest revenue share % of 70%. In June, your revenue share starts with 70% no matter what sum of money you make.

Example 1 If in May you earned $7 500 and in June you made $2,000, your payouts for June are: $2000 x 70% = $1400

Example 2 If in May you earned $7500 and in June you made $10,500, your payouts for June are:

$9 999,99 x 70% = $6 999,99 plus $500 x 75% = 375. Your total in June will be $7374,99

If the author’s percentage of payout calculated, based on the money made within that current month, is less than in the previous month, the author is starting the following month with the relevant percentage of the payout based on the earnings of the previous month.

E.g. You ended May with the highest organic revenue share of 70%. You started June with 70% of organic revenue share but only made $2,000, in July your starting revenue share is 65%.

See our  Terms of Use  for all the details.

For consultants, Grinfer offers a sliding fee based on how many hours you consult in a calendar month.

Hours worked/month % you get
0 to 20 60%
20+ to 40 70%
40+ 75%

You receive 60% revenue for consulting online when you consult for up to 20 hours per calendar month. For hours 20+ to- 40 , you get a revenue share of 70%. When you exceed 40 hours of consultations a month, you get 75%.

E.g. You had 47 hours of consultations in May. Your hourly rate is $10. You get:

  • 60%for the first 0 – 20 hours: ($10 x 20h) x 60% = $120
  • 70% for the 21-40 hours: ($10 x 20h) x 70% = $140
  • 75% for the 41+ hours: ($10 x 7h) x 75% = $52.5

Your total revenue from courses sold on the marketplace in May = $312.5

NOTE: Every new calendar month starts with the 60% payout.


Grinfer gives you an opportunity to provide 1-on-1 consultations (lessons) regardless of whether you teach online courses or not. Simply set up your personal schedule and hourly rate, and you are all set for individual consultations and lessons.

When you register, you will be offered to opt into giving consultations. If you decide to go for it, set up your working schedule, hourly rate, and professional sphere. Even if during registration you do not indicate your consent to consult, you can enable this option later in your Profile Settings in the Schedule tab. Once you fill in all the required fields, your profile will appear in the marketplace for consultants.

Note: Currently, video consultations are available only for desktop. Consultation calls are not working on mobile devices at the moment. Please make sure you and your learner use laptops/desktops for the call.  

Set up working hours that are convenient for you. Learners can only book you during your working schedule. We charge a 100% prepayment from a learner for a consultation they want to book. Once you get a pending request for a consultation, you have 3 days to approve or decline it. If you don’t take action, the request will be automatically declined. So check your calendar often not to miss opportunities.

There are 3 ways you’ll get notified about a new booking request:

  • via email, 
  • via Notifications (the bell icon in the upper right corner), 
  • or in your Dashboard both in New Requests and your calendar. 

You will also get notifications about status changes, cancellations, etc.

You have 3 days from the receipt of the request to approve or decline a pending booking. If you do not take action during this time, the request will be automatically declined.

If, for any reason, you decline the pending request, no penalties will follow. 

If you approve a request first and then for any reason you cancel it, the learner gets a full refund, and we charge you a 3% processing fee (for more information see Terms of Use and Author’s Agreement).

If a learner cancels a pending request, they get a full refund and the time slots in your calendar automatically become available for a new booking. 

If a learner cancels a booking more than 24 hours before the consultation starts, the time slots in your calendar become available for booking by other learners. 

If a learner cancels your consultation less than 24 hours before the consultation begins, then you get the full price for the booked consultation in accordance with the revenue share rules of Grinfer.

To get detailed information about payments and revenue share, see the Payments section in the Author’s Agreement.

The instructor receives payments only for completed consultations in case there were no refunds. Payouts are made on the 10th of each month according to the earnings made in the previous month. The amount of payout for each consultation is calculated according to your level of payment (see Author’s Agreement / Payments). The level of payment is estimated at the time of transfer in accordance with the rules established in our Terms of Use, Author’s Agreement, etc.

If you don’t show up for the consultation or are late for more than 5 minutes, a learner may be fully or partially refunded. In this case, you may be charged a 3% processing fee of the total payment made by the learner for a consultation (in case of a full refund).

If the learner is late for less than 15 minutes, you must conduct a consultation but you can still end the call as scheduled not to be late for your next consultation.

If a learner joins the consultation with a delay of 15 minutes or more, you have the right to refuse to conduct a consultation. In case you refuse the consultation, you will still be fully paid for it. If you decide to continue the consultation, you can end the call as scheduled not to be late for your next session.

Yes, you do. You have 5 minutes included to prepare for the current consultation while conducting a session of a minimum duration (30 minutes). If you are conducting a session lasting 1 hour or more, you have a total of 10 minutes for preparation during the consultation.

You can join the consultation room by clicking the event on your calendar.

Head to your Profile Settings in the Schedule tab and set up working hours that work best for you.

We all need a break from time to time. You can pick the time of your vacation on your schedule but we recommend to plan it in advance. Learners have the opportunity to book a consultation with you 85 days beforehand, so make sure you cancel the consultations that are booked on the period of your vacation or days-off. 

Currently, video consultations are available only for desktop. Consultation calls are not working on mobile devices and tablets at the moment. Please make sure that you and your learner use laptops/desktops for the call.  


A subscription gives your Learners an opportunity to follow your content and get full access to all your existing and future courses and articles with their updates. Keep your learners tuned in to your e-learning content.

Head to your account and press Subscriptions. You can create subscriptions with different duration, price, and free trial. Whatever suits you best.

Subscriptions screenshot

Setting up your subscription, you’ll be given different price tiers to select from. You can choose any of them according to the duration of your subscription. You can also set a one-time payment price for any of your courses to give your Learners an opportunity to purchase your course without having to subscribe to your content. An important note: once you set up your subscriptions, all your content becomes available to users who have subscribed to your content. 

Yes, once you set up your subscription, your courses will be available both for a separate purchase and by subscription. But if you want your course to be available only by subscription, you need to change the price tier to “subcription price” by editing your course. 

It’s totally up to you but we believe that the free trial period is one of the best strategies that speaks to your audience. What else draws a crowd like free products and services? Not much! After all, the idea is a win-win for both instructors and learners. Your students can try your online courses and articles and see whether it’s their cup of tea. Thus, you’ll get a loyal audience that most likely will subscribe to your content and follow your updates in the future.

You will get your monthly payments straight to your bank account or via PayPal according to your payout level. For more info regarding payout levels and the payout policy check out our Author’s agreement and Terms of Use.

If you want to cancel your subscription, head to your account, and press subscriptions. Deactivate your current subscriptions by switching a toggler.

Deactivate your current subscriptions by switching a toggler

If you cancel your current subscription, it won’t be available for new Learners, but those students who have already purchased it will have full access until they cancel the subscription. 


The story is your article on Grinfer that covers those topics or skills that help students to learn, master, or fill in the knowledge gaps. 

You can publish articles as an addition to your existing online courses or you can act as an independent blogger. 

Posting stories on Grinfer will give you the ability to promote yourself and optimize your visibility on the marketplace. It is also an excellent way to appear in search results more frequently.

On Grinfer, learners can subscribe to instructors to get full access to their content. So posting your articles on Grinfer is a great opportunity to make money from learners who follow your content via the subscription model. 

As an instructor, you can create subscriptions that will give your followers full access to your online courses and articles (or articles only, if you don’t have courses). Just set up subscription plans by selecting the price and duration of each subscription.

In your Profile, go to Stories and press New story on the right handside. 

Then, choose your story cover, title, description, and upload your article. Once you polish it, press Publish. Or save it as a draft to get back to it later. 

Yes. If you don’t work with the subscription model, your stories will be available for learners for free. 


Bring your audience to Grinfer using the referral link. That way, you get 96% of what your course costs.


Grinfer will promote courses via emails and social media posts. If your class covers a trending topic or skills, you can get featured in an email campaign we send to the community.

My profile

In your Profile, go to Settings  where you can edit your profile photo, your professional sphere, job title, and bio. Polish your profile to look credible and build trust with potential buyers.


Upload a nice-looking photo. In your bio, tell about your background, experience and professional achievements. People will see your bio when they click your name in the course or on the marketplace for consultants.

You can see how many students enrolled in your class in  Analytics. Also, you’ll get notified via Notifications.


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